15 Content Marketing Strategy Best Practices for Law Firms of All Sizes

by Brett Harper

While many companies are content-producing powerhouses, disseminating customer indicators, notion management portions, social media posts, and different information every day via the numerous distribution channels with which they interact their target audiences, they frequently fail to merely think about the how, what, while, where and why of the content they’re developing and how it will, in reality, benefit their customers and different influential readers.

These companies are on content material autopilot, merely going thru the motions to churn out concept leadership portions as correctly as viable, regularly due to the fact that’s just the manner their company does matters, or due to the fact they don’t want to impeach a companion or someone more magnificent senior to them, or due to the fact there may be strain to get things out the door to be aggressive with every other firm.


If you locate your self on this role, take a moment to present your self a “content material time-out” with a view to think about why you are doing what you’re doing. If it doesn’t make experience together with your brand and commercial enterprise improvement desires, right away change course.

Taking the time to make sure that your content advertising and marketing and your enterprise improvement techniques are absolutely aligned will permit you to create more focused, consumer-centric content with a purpose to better interact along with your target audiences and lead to new enterprise and the retention of customers.

Remember that the aim of content material marketing is now not just about populating your social media feeds with a steady movement of content. Preferably, the purpose is to apply content material as a differentiator to help role your legal professionals and your company as idea leaders, with a view to assisting in holding your top of mind with critical individuals for when they have a remember that fits your heritage. It’s continually approximately satisfactory versus quantity.

Here are some ideas to take your content material strategy to the subsequent level.

1. Align your content material method on your commercial enterprise development dreams
I trust that each prison marketing professionals need to think of themselves as a retail enterprise development person irrespective of their activity identify. An advertising expert should be centered on the lead era and commercial enterprise improvement in their role to surely understand what their firm’s desires are, mainly with regards to content material.

By aligning your content material and social media method in your BD goals you’ll be capable of attention in on the right practices and industries, and the legal professionals to focus on inside them. Then use your records and aggressive intelligence to help support these efforts (including Google analytics, web site, social media and e mail records, among others). Remember, the entirety you do need to be targeted on bringing leads and delighting your clients, which include every piece of content you create.

2. Show vs. Inform
Your content ought to be price-added, helpful and patron-centric. So, don’t simply tell your customers why you’re the first-rate legal professionals, show them. Think approximately how to reveal that you are a pacesetter in your discipline as opposed to telling someone.

Write every piece of content material with this idea in thoughts – from the best-stage thought leadership article to each social media submit. Think about why your clients need to care about this when crafting language. Remember that most customarily, your customers aren’t lawyers, so throw the legalese and jargon out the window and write in their language and in a tone that immediately speaks to them, now not your colleagues down the corridor.

3. Reuse and repurpose the whole thing
Lawyer headshots exercise place and event pix, formerly posted patron indicators and articles – all your photos and content material can be reused multiple instances to assist beautify your emblem and support your lead generation efforts. For instance, pull out a thrilling statistic, create a phrase cloud, use icons, a quote or big numbers to convey essential points to live in a client alert, and voilà, it’s a exclusive piece of content material. Use an article calendar to help you track and manipulate posts.

Four. Create as soon as, post everywhere (but regulate the message for the medium)
Leverage the social platforms most frequently used by your clients and potentialities; however, don’t post the equal actual content material and picture to LinkedIn that you would put up to Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. It’s very crucial that you show for your target audiences which you have mastery of the social systems which you are making use of. Incorrectly using a platform suggests your target audience that you lack vital social media competencies. So, modify every submits (period, tone and content sensible) to fit each the unique social channel.

Five. Use your analytics to create smarter content
Marketers have a treasure trove of valuable records proper at their fingertips thru their facts and analytics that could assist them build extra of the material that has finished nicely with goal audiences and much less of what hasn’t. For additional clues on what resonated most (and least) with your audiences, evaluation your internet site, e-mail marketing and social media analytics for the very best and least performing content material. Look for commonalities and topics inside the normal body reproduction, posts, and headlines, so that you can assist you in creating smarter future content material.

In truth, if your company uses a content material syndicator like JD Supra, you could attain some sincerely fantastic analytics to your company dashboard on who has examined your content on a person and firmwide foundation. I meet with various practices every month armed with these records, and I can’t let you know how powerful it’s miles in motivating other legal professionals to put in writing.

6. Your lawyers keep the content key
It’s no longer enough to publish in your firm’s social media debts; you furthermore may want to faucet into the important social networks of your lawyers to make sure maximum attain and engagement. Properly educate your attorneys on how to use LinkedIn effectively, Facebook and Twitter to share and prefer content out of your company business enterprise page and more importantly, from their personal private LinkedIn bills so that you can tap into achieving the individuals in their powerful networks.

Note – I find that even as brown bag pieces of training where you are showing them slides are beneficial, the most potent education for legal professionals is seeing via doing. So go to their offices and in reality display them how to like, remark and percentage posts and assist them in getting the lay of the land at the LinkedIn home web page and their profile itself. A little hand maintaining/deskside training is going a long way here.

7. Utilize hashtags to assist your content to be located
Hashtags are essential to contain on social media channels, especially on Twitter and Instagram. The jury remains out on whether or not they’re worthwhile on LinkedIn – although they are gaining in traction. The purpose is that human beings don’t use them a lot so that they may be now not very beneficial yet. If you don’t know about hashtagify.Me, that’s an online hashtag search/discovery engine that provides you with the pinnacle trending hashtags associated with a selected topic and some simple analytics too, you want to begin using it without delay. LinkedIn has a useful hashtag notion device proper inside the frame of your posts based totally at the content you enter, that’s usually spot on.

One notice on hashtags – attempt to include them in the body of the post in preference to waiting till the quit to add a couple of hashtags in a row, use no extra than 2-3 in a position (or they get traumatic) and don’t make up your very own hashtag or use whatever this is too well known, such as the phrase “law” as an example. Why? It gained’t help your content material be observed, and you take away from your content and using up valuable phrase count.

Eight. Use evergreen content in your advantage
Evergreen content is SEO-optimized content that doesn’t have an expiration date or loses its relevancy and fee over the years. It is superb, beneficial content material that provides payment whether it is study today, following week or 12 months from now. So why is it referred to as “evergreen?” The evergreen tree is an image of everlasting life because this sort of tree keeps its leaves all through the seasons, in preference to dropping them. Like the trees, the evergreen content material is considered sustainable and lasting.

Creating an evergreen content strategy is less complicated than you watched due to the fact you already have all the content and maximum of the gear which you want. It just requires a little innovative questioning on the way to effectively repurpose them. For example, content material possibilities (and the visual property that go with them) inclusive of attorney bios, vacations, office openings, company records, undying client indicators (such as why you want to have a will), case research on subjects, as well as content associated with careers, professional improvement, pro bono, variety and activities, as well as data pulled from transcripts can all be used to fill in content gaps in your editorial calendar. For more in this topic, check my JD Supra article, What to Do When You Run Out of Things to Say – Your How-To Guide to Creating an Evergreen Content Strategy.

9. Incorporate visuals
I’m a firm believer which you have to submit nothing to social media without a photograph. Why? Because social media posts with images advantage more magnificent views and engagement, period. Today, each person can include visuals into their social media strategy; you only need to be innovative and imaginative. You can without difficulty reuse and repurpose pix which you already have and resize them using gear correctly in your telephone.

Also, there are many photos and online design gear that enable you to create visually arresting pics and pics without spending a dime or at a low cost consisting of Canva and Picstitch to help you convey your social media posts to lifestyles. For greater low fee/unfastened tools you could comprise into your social media content material strategy, take a look at my JD Supra article exploring 17 cool martech gear that you should realize approximately.

10. Focus on the headlines
To stand out from the numerous emails that in-house counsel obtains each day and the limitless social media posts clogging their feeds, you have to create headlines and replica on the way to draw them in. The situation lines/headlines of your emails (so customer indicators, press releases, white papers, CLE packages and anything else which you send through email to clients/contacts) is the very first thing that they see and determines whether someone desires to open your electronic mail – or now not. Make them clean, actionable, short and concise and further factors if you may create a “how-to” or “why” piece or use numbers or lists. “Listicles” our favorite ways of breaking down complex records into digestible chunks.

11. Share content on social media
LinkedIn is the most critical social media channel for regulation firm enterprise improvement and expert networking. It permits you to fast construct and grow relationships so you can convey in new commercial enterprise and referrals, make stronger your logo and stay top of mind with critical individuals for your community. So, use it neatly and use it frequently (meaning publish and percentage cost-added content, and interact meaningfully with your connections). I write plenty approximately how to maximize LinkedIn and use it successfully – see my JD Supra articles on LinkedIn profile fundamentals and new advanced LinkedIn to-do’s – because I even have never visible the platform at once result in the new commercial enterprise more than I have in the final year.

12. Think quality not amount
I touched in this a chunk above, but since it’s such a crucial factor, I wanted to commit a bullet to it. Always take into account that it’s no longer how regularly you post content to social media that makes a real effect, however alternatively what you are saying and how you are saying it. The quality no longer the number of your posts ought to always be your number one cognizance and retaining that idea at the leading edge of your content method will help manual your usual efforts.

Thirteen. Good is sometimes properly enough
So many attorneys I know are perfectionists, and as a result, they invent an alert on a timely topic but then sit down on it as they edit it or wordsmith it repeatedly. Here’s the thing although, in case you don’t distribute it, your competition will. It’s regularly greater crucial to allow your clients to recognize approximately a vital replace in the law earlier than it’s too overdue. So, don’t wait – create and distribute content material while the subject is hot. You don’t always want to be a content material overachiever – now and then excellent is ideal enough.

14. Engage audiences with new varieties of content
While written content which includes a purchaser alert or concept leadership piece that you then can promote through social media will continually be the foundation of law company content material advertising, why not dip your toes into a number of the more modern approaches of engaging along with your goal audiences even though your content? For instance, function your attorneys discussing current be counted successes or a case study thru a video series, create a podcast series with an industry focus or use Facebook Live to create a brief webinar series.

Provide your audiences with new approaches to digest your content. Also, remember the fact that you can reuse and repurpose your existing content material for unique mediums. So, use a patron alert as the basis for a podcast, video or webinar. Every single piece of written content material you produce may be brought to life in a new manner. It just requires touch creativity.

15. Stop doing “random acts of content material.”
So many firms and lawyers spend the time to create exact content; however, then they post it just as soon as on social media. This is a big waste of time for all people worried. Here’s why: Your customers and possibilities are particularly busy those who are in all likelihood to overlook the content material you post and distribute to your social channels. In reality, electronic mail is still a first-class manner to reach your objectives.

So, when using social, leverage and maximize content through sharing posts numerous instances the use of the identical trackable link however converting up the content material inside the posts by way of the usage of a number of the ideas above (pulling out a statistic, a quote, using icons or pictures – you get the idea). Utilize your content calendar to assist with scheduling to ensure that you have an area among every publish. Also, I promise you that nobody is following your firm or your attorneys intently sufficient to understand that your firm released something recently on this subject matter.

Remember that at the same time as it’s first-rate in case your firm has hundreds of followers on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, real social media fulfillment is measured nowadays via plenty extra than likes, shares or follows.

Attracting and engaging audiences via your content is what is going to result in new business and the retention of clients. Remember, the remaining goal of content advertising and marketing is to force your readers to do so, preferably in the shape of maintaining your firm. For your content material advertising approach to be in reality a hit, you must always think about how it can construct relationships for your legal professionals, show off their knowledge, spotlight key practices and industries at your company, all while it adds cost to your goal audiences. Excellent content material permits you to do all of those; firms want to make their content material (and visuals) work smarter and more difficult for them.

The actual news is that most companies aren’t yet aligning their content material strategy to their business development desires, so there may be a real opportunity for the one’s companies which can be prepared, willing and capable of doing this. So, attempt incorporating a number of these pointers into your content method and let me know the way it goes!

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