7 Free Tools That Can Transform Your Content Marketing

by Brett Harper

Kapost observed that content material advertising and marketing acquires three instances as many leads consistent with dollars spent in contrast to paid search. While the effectiveness of content advertising isn’t always in question, for a brand new commercial enterprise, the fees are probably.

There are masses of first-rate equipment obtainable that assist you in extending your content material advertising efforts. When I started out running my commercial enterprise, the restrained budget I had was stretched pretty thin. The thought of allocating budget to advertising gear, however useful they may be, changed into no longer excessive on my timetable.


Fortunately, there is some amazing equipment that you may use completely, totally free to plan, arrange and execute your content advertising and marketing strategy. Even if you don’t have a large budget and can’t rent a team or make investments inside the first-class gear, there may nevertheless wish. Here are seven free tools you may start using right away to drive results with your content advertising.

1. Canva

When it involves photo enhancing and portraits, Adobe Photoshop is the industry preferred. But if you could’t see yourself procuring the software program and investing a whole lot of time into mastering it, Canva is a remarkable opportunity. Canva is free to use, although certain graphical factors in their library will cost a bit of money. Fortunately, they have plenty of templates to choose from, and modifying them for your liking is a cinch.

2. Thinglink

Thinglink allows you to create interactive photos, motion pictures, and 360 content. You are virtually aware of how famous and powerful infographics are. People like to engage with visible content material. With Thinglink, you could create new sorts of content your users will like to interact with. For instance, you can take a map and permit people to roll over distinct sections and study the region’s history. There are masses of possibilities with Thinglink, and if you’re seeking to communicate complicated subjects or ideas, interactive content may want to help you simplify them for your customers.

3. Trello

I swear using Trello, a Kanban-fashion undertaking board permits me to keep track of my content material tasks. For example, you could create lists for “planning,” “outline,” “writing,” “editing,” and “launch.” This way, you’ll effortlessly be capable of see where each content piece you’re developing is inside the pipeline.

4. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

Writing notable titles is important to content material advertising achievement. Unfortunately, now not every content author is also a professional copywriter. That’s k due to the fact HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator assists you to come up with catchy titles as a way to get your content material plenty of views. Visit the Blog Topic Generator, enter 3 nouns applicable to your area of interest, and look ahead to HubSpot to generate catchy headlines.

5. Pixabay

Blog posts with pics tend to be greater engaging than the ones without. But maximum of the time, you become having to pay plenty of money for first-class images. Fortunately, there are options. Pixabay is a extraordinary site wherein you could locate royalty-free photographs. Use attractive photos along your content material to keep your audience visually inspired.

6. Buffer

We all recognize the electricity of social media. Sharing your content material on social media is an absolute ought to because it could assist power site visitors to your internet site, grow your social media following, and interact with your fans. But there are a couple of problems. One is that manually sharing to social media may be time-consuming. Two, you don’t always want to percentage your posts simply once. Sharing them multiple times lets you raise visitors. That’s where Buffer is available because it enables you to agenda your social media posts for a future time and day. This lets you get extra leverage out of each piece of content you create.

7. Infogram

I already mentioned infographics and how powerful they may be in supporting you entice site visitors and one-way links. The disadvantage is that infographics may be pretty hard and pricey to make. That is, of a path, till Infogram got here along. Infogram is a tool that permits you to create attractive charts, portraits, maps, and dashboards depending on mins. So, if you’re trying to get more visual along with your content material, it’s really worth finding out.

Final Thoughts

If you want to reach your content material advertising efforts, you will plan nicely, live prepared and preserve executing. Consistency is absolutely the key to achievement. You have to publish distinctly attractive content that’s on a agenda to see consequences. So, take advantage of the above gear to generate effects with your content material advertising and marketing.

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