Software Reporter Tools

by Brett Harper

What is the software reporter tool?

Software reporter tool is strangely spotted on one’s computer system. When it is spotted, many raise this essential question as, what is the software reporter tool? What is the Google software reporter tool? , from where it had come? What is it used for? Is it risk-free? And how can one possibly install or uninstall it? Keeping these questions at the forefront, this article is aimed towards answering all these questions. But, before knowing in depth the actual reason for it being present in one’s computer system, one must know what exactly a software reporter tool is.

Software Reporter Tools

What is the software reporter tool?

A software reporter tool is also named Software_reporter_tool.exe because this is its executive name. This tool is not independently present in one’s device. This tool rather comes with the Google Chrome browser.

What is the chrome software reporter tool?

Google chrome software reporter tool has its significant purpose and is part of the google chrome clean-up family. It is a part of the inbuilt security process that comes with the Google Chrome browser. So, anyone who installs Google chrome browser on their device will notice that a processing system called Software Reporter Tool has been automatically installed.

Unfortunately, it consumes a lot of the system’s power and results in the computer facing processing issues. This slow processing is mainly due to the software reporter tool’s high CPU, which has eventually become the user’s main concern. Due to which many have demanded to have ways to disable or block this software reporter tool.

It is to be noted that this software reporter tool is neither harmful and dangerous nor any antivirus system. Though it surely works like an antivirus system, it is just used and installed by the Google Chrome Browser to scan all viruses and malware. It also looks upon any extensions or add-on in the Google Chrome browser that is causing any issue. It makes sure to detect such issues and throw them away. So the functioning of the system becomes alright.

Software Reporter Tools


Q.1 Is Software Reporter Tool risk-free?

A.1 Yes, Software Report Tool is 100% safe as it is itself a security-keeping tool. Google Chrome Browser installs this software tool to keep the user’s google chrome and the whole system far away from the dangers of any viruses or malware issues.

Q.2 How can Software Reporter Tool be installed or Uninstalled?

A.2 Regarding installing software reporter tools, it is well known now that this software tool is an inbuilt tool within Google Chrome and is already installed under the Google Chrome cleaning system. So, installing it is not required. As it already comes installed.

Due to many people complaining about the software reporter tool consuming very much of the energy of its CPU, people have started to search the process to disable or uninstall this tool. So, to uninstall or block the software tool, you need to follow the given steps.

1.On the folder ‘SwReporter,’ look for the ‘menu’ option and select the ‘Properties’ option under this.

2.On the ‘security tab that you can find, tap on the ‘advanced’ option.

3.Now, Tap ‘ Disable Inheritance’ and select the given ‘ Remove all the inherited permissions’ option.

These steps will successfully lead to disabling your software reporter tool.

Q.3 Some advantages and disadvantages of having a Software Reporter tool installed?

A.3 Since it comes under the family of the Google Chrome Cleaning system. It is a useful tool, but it does have some to be noted advantages and disadvantages. These can be noted in the following manner.


1.Software reporter tool is efficiently used in removing any harmful virus or malware from the very root of your computer system.

2.Google Chrome comes with some automatically downloaded files or systems within the browser that can be harmful to your computer. Software Reporter Tool also helps in removing these unwanted extensions or add-ons installed in your Google Chrome.


1. These Software Reporter Tools can remove or erase those add-ons or extensions from your Google Chrome that the user himself knowingly installed. These can seem harmful to the Software tool but might be safe in use.

2.A major issue in having this software reporter tool installed in your computer device is the high CPU usage. And the use of the disk.

3. Suddenly, this software can even stop working without any notice or warning but instead leaving the user to wonder with a ‘Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool’ error.

Q.4 From where does Software Reporter Tool comes in one’s computer system?

A.4 Often, within this system, users detect or notice an unusual installation with the name ‘Software Reporter tool.’ Clueless and unknown, worried if it is safe or not, many such questions are raised. The users must know that this software is installed in the computer system, but it solely comes with Google Chrome.

Google Chrome has this system inbuilt to have proper and regular security scanning of the Chrome browser. It’s regular automatic scanning, detecting, And removing any virus, malware, and other dangerous systems that can result in crashing or slowness of the whole system. It makes sure to save the system from this danger.


Software Reporter Tool is like other systems or processes that come as part of Google Chrome and its good safety measures. Though it can lead to causing high CPU usage, it is risk-free and safe.

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