Does Your Content Marketing Mix Address Your Business Challenges?

by Brett Harper

“Never create content material just for the sake of making content material.” Chances are you’ve visible this simple piece of advice echoed across countless articles, webinars, and meetings by using masses of well-which means content material advertising professionals. But to a skilled marketer, this tip is a familiar natural feel. Who of their proper thoughts—with an overstretched price range and a boardroom full of keen senior executives traumatic consequences—would make content material only for amusing? You realize higher. You’d never put up a piece of content without a clear purpose and strategy.

Business Challenges

Additionally, you understand your content marketing blend needs not most effectively to reflect modern tendencies, but continually deal with your business demanding situations and help gain your dreams. But with content marketing, any such mysterious and wild beast, always morphing and converting—simply while you suppose you’ve were given it mastered, something new needs your interest and begs for your sources—how do you get your blend simply proper? Here are some do’s and don’ts that will help you overcome industry pain points while making social use of your sources.

Don’t Abandon Tried-And-True Informational Content.

Epic storytelling and charming assume pieces assist you in placing your emblem apart from the noise and muddle of our content-saturated internet global. These sorts of efforts help power an emotional connection between your logo and your audience, and in case you’re undoubtedly fortunate, this content will move viral and convey in heaps of new paying clients.

But you can’t force that form of magic, nor have you spend all your time and effort trying to create the next unicorn. Sometimes the excellent and most powerful piece of content material is also the most realistic. And sensible shouldn’t mean uninteresting. You ought to continually strive to make your content material as attractive as possible. Just calibrate: There’s no want to keep reinventing the wheel while your target audience is yearning for proper, out-of-date information.

After all, whether they’re doing it via voice commands or entering a query through textual content, most people turn to serps to seek solutions to everyday questions and problems. And while brands continuously deliver beneficial and useful content, engines like google reward them with other favorable scores.

Take Travelers as an instance. The logo’s content hub is chock-full of well-optimized, informational content that’s pretty applicable to its target audience. Within the center, you’ll discover a mix of weblog posts, movies, and interactive tools addressing questions like, “How tons does it value to shut on the house?” Travelers also present step-by-using-step publications on subjects like the way to p.C. For a move and which strategies will nice protect your house from stormwater harm.

While these substances might not sense like grandiose logo storytelling, the coverage organization’s dedication to fixing real customer troubles through its content material advertising enables them to build a foundation of agreement with and reliability with their target audience.

Don’t Become Sidetracked through Every Flashy New Trend.

Take the now notorious “pivot to video” trend as an instance. In 2016, advertising soothsayers were certain that video would replace, nicely, pretty tons everything. With organic social attain within the lavatory and each agency inside the international running a blog, videos regarded no longer most effective a viable approach for grabbing your audience’s interest, but one that could force wild achievement for your emblem. And at that point, Facebook’s video metrics supported this concept—and while the social media large says “soar,” advertisers begin practicing their parkour.

Practically overnight, big media agencies commenced laying off writers and hiring video production teams. Some nearly ceased growing written content material altogether, and as an alternative, pumped their sources into pricey and time-eating video efforts.

The effects? Publishers that pivoted to video during the summertime of 2016 saw a 60 percent drop of their website visitors that August compared to the same duration a yr before, in keeping with information shared by using Digiday. Eventually, Facebook came clean, admitting it inflated its video metrics by using 60 to 80 percent, sooner or later dealing with a massive lawsuit.

Does this cautionary story imply you need never explore new or unique kinds of content material? Of path no longer. Innovation is essential to logo sustainability. But never positioned all your advertising and marketing eggs in a single basket, and don’t waste all your assets chasing a brand new fad. The video is a powerful and necessary addition to your content blend. However, it shouldn’t automatically take precedence over other media belongings at your disposal.

Do Diversify Your Content Marketing Mix

Only growing one type of content is a form of like ordering pizza for each meal—it’s easy, comfortable, and for a while, it sustains you. But subsequently, it’s going to begin causing issues.

As a logo, only growing one form of content material will cripple your brand publicity. While one phase of your target audience may choose to get their content material from blog posts and articles, some other aspects can also decide upon more visible content material, including videos and slide presentations. For instance, even as some human beings will fortuitously download and read an ebook cover to the cowl, others would rather see the information provided inside a webinar.

So what’s the friendly manner of holding everyone glad? Diversify your content material advertising and marketing mix. Strive to repurpose favorite pieces of content into more than one codec so that you can get your message in front of as many people as possible. For instance, if you note a weblog post is earning heaps of site visitors, do not forget how you could expand that topic right into a podcast or infographic to attract other segments of your target audience.

Do Tap into Your Customer Base

While the term “social influencer” can be distinctly new, the idea is as vintage as advertising itself. Leveraging glad customers is one of the best techniques of riding interest and trust on your emblem, and it’s even more potent. In contrast, those customers have numerous thousand extraordinarily engaged followers.

Tom’s of Maine has enjoyed complete success with its influencer software. A few years ago, the beloved original merchandise emblem wanted to grow awareness and engagement throughout Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter via leveraging micro-influencers—social media users with approximately 1,000 to 50,000 followers.

To shield their logo, Tom’s proactively seeks out influencers who help their center values of health and sustainability and social users who genuinely use and enjoy the business enterprise’s products. But they don’t work with just any influencers. Additionally, to ensure the brand’s social presence feels constant and real, Tom’s expands this same passion for eco-friendly items to every channel wherein they create content. Their “Good Matters” content material hub, as an instance, addresses the small steps their audience can take to stay extra sustainable life.

Tom’s recognized a want to create interest-grabbing content material that fit within their brand voice and might be shared across each channel, from Instagram to Pinterest. The willingness to participate in conversations in each social space has allowed the emblem to construct a genuine audience connection, something which won’t be plausible via advert campaigns on my own.

Developing a content advertising and marketing blend that meets your commercial enterprise dreams doesn’t have to stress your resources, nor does it require you to spend all your budget chasing new developments. Whether you’re looking to enhance your search engine rating, develop logo cognizance, generate an extra call for, strengthen relationships with present clients, or all of the above, use those four do’s. Don’ts will help you overcome common industry ache factors and meet your advertising and marketing dreams.

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