5 Content Marketing Ideas for April 2019

by Brett Harper

In April 2019, content marketers may want to pitch spring present ideas, write critical political problems, play a prank or two, offer tax help, and understand China’s contributions.

Content advertising is the act of creating, publishing, and distributing content material to attract, attract, and maintain customers. Content advertising has become the de facto lengthy-time period marketing method for many groups, so it is crucial to have a constant flow of ideas. This will talk about 5 content material marketing thoughts your commercial enterprise may want to attempt in April 2019.

Pitch Gift Guides

The lines between content material marketing, media relations, and search engine optimization are much less defined in 2019 than those disciplines may additionally have been previously.


It is not unusual for a person answerable for content material advertising and marketing at a small or mid-sized ecommerce business to additionally deal with SEO and media outreach. Recognizing this new courting, my first content marketing concept for April 2019 is to create a few gift publications based on the products your commercial enterprise sells and then pitch the guides or their suggestions to guides and influencers.

Separately, sign on as a source on Help a Reporter Out (HARO). These publications could pay attention to the satisfactory presents for men or items for 10-12 months girls — or just about anything niche you can consider. In current weeks, as an instance, there were several requests on HARO from reporters and bloggers for present ideas.

Tackle Political Causes

Often it can make accurate enterprise experience to stay away from debatable subjects and politics. If your online store sells merchandise with extensive enchantment, it’s normally first-class not to anger one customer phase or some other. However, if your logo or the goods you promote align with a selected political function, you may be able to toughen patron relationships whilst your content material covers political troubles, or your commercial enterprise takes political movement.

Toms, a maker, and seller of footwear, garb, and glasses, has usually been devoted to reasons. The enterprise originally came to reputation via giving a free pair of shoes to someone in want for each pair the enterprise offered to a paying purchaser. It can be the case that a majority of Toms’ clients are left-leaning on the political spectrum. These clients can also, consequently, be in prefer of political reasons typically supported through the left.

Recently, Toms has taken a stand against gun violence that will resonate with its center clients. Here is an excerpt from a February post posted at the Toms’ internet site: The climate turned dismal. Clouds stuffed the sky, casting a uniform gray on the stone and concrete homes coated the National Mall. A regular drizzle kept the majority off the streets. But inside the ballroom of the Liaison Capitol Hill, the weather changed into exceptional. The room buzzed with the strength of volunteers who got here from near and some distance to symbolize the voices of Americans throughout the usa.

Students mounted pins to their jackets, retirees stuffed thermoses with coffee, and Toms personnel organized the closing of hundreds of tote luggage filled with postcards into 3 agencies marked Cannon, Longworth, and Rayburn — names corresponding to congressional office homes.

Three months earlier, Toms founder Blake Mycoskie announced the organization changed into giving $5 million to agencies devoted to finishing gun violence and that every person who changed into enthusiastic about the problem should get concerned by going to Toms.Com and submitting a postcard to their representative urging them to skip universal background assessments.

April Fool’s Day

For content material entrepreneurs, April 1 is an opportunity for a harmless hoax, a realistic shaggy dog story, or the occasional prank. Your purpose then is to come up with a product assertion or video so one can entertain your target market of customers and capability clients and, perhaps, earn some hyperlinks for search engine optimization’s sake.

Here are examples of April Fool’s Day movies to encourage you:

  • Jamie Oliver’s new one-factor cookbook,
  • Heinz chocolate mayonnaise,
  • Wind, solar, and compost-powered Chromebooks,
  • The Lego VacuSort,
  • Star Trek Klingon alphabet fridge magnets.
  • Tax Day Reminder

Your organization’s April 2019 content advertising can also be useful. For example, as tons as tax day within the U.S. — Monday, April 15, 2019 — is no one’s favorite date; it can be vital for your customers. For instance, an online keep selling power gear, workwear, and work boots could submit an article reminding folks about how country and federal tax deductions work and describing how to discover and print receipts on the corporation’s website.

Similarly, if the goods your commercial enterprise sells are eligible for particular tax deductions, it is a good idea to publish an editorial pronouncing so and describing the system for documenting the deduction. Chinese Language Day The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has unique April 20 as Chinese Language Day. For UNESCO, Chinese Language Day is an opportunity “to rejoice multilingualism and cultural range as well as to sell identical use of all six professional languages in the course of the Organization.”

For content marketers, it can function as a reminder to tell tales approximately some of your Chinese providers or clients or take a look at the ancient effect China can also have had on the products your company sells. There may be some undeniable connections. For instance, garb retailers may need to submit approximately the history of Chinese silk or a bit approximately how the Chinese garb industry has changed in a decade. Other companies may want to attend to Chinese-Americans and how they’ve impacted the enterprise your commercial enterprise represents.

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