How to Cut Business Expenses with Free Tools

by Brett Harper

Finding the right tools to meet your business objectives can sometimes prove too expensive for your small business. However, there are several free tools you can use that can save you time and money.

Best online office suite

As a business owner, you need to create, edit, and share documents across all platforms and make changes online.

Both Microsoft Word and Google Docs have collaboration features, especially now that Word is also available on the cloud. However, Google Docs is a clear winner when it comes to using a free collaboration tool.


Advantages of Google Docs

Collaboration is the main advantage because Google Docs allows more than one person to work on the same document. Document changes are also tracked automatically, and you can always revert to a previous version. This ability to track your history can save you lots of time.

Specific users can access shared links, and you can work from anywhere on any device. Security on Docs is by default because only people you allow can access or view your files. Managing your files is easier with Google Docs, and they can be exported in a variety of formats.

Google Docs requires no software installation and is used entirely online. As a small business owner, you don’t need the business version to use Google Docs for free, whereas Microsoft Word has a one-time fee of $149 or a yearly fee of $69.99 for 1 computer.

Best logo maker

Creating branding tools for your business is vital if you want your customers to identify your distinctive brand. Even though you could hire a logo designer to do a logo for you, the costs are high.

With most logo generators, you can create a logo with a few clicks. Even though most say they are free, there are very few where you can download as many logos as you want and in a format that can be used on all platforms.

Both Hatchful (powered by Shopify) and TRUiC have impressive free logo makers. However, TRUiC’s logo maker offers the most features.

Advantages of TRUiC’s logo maker

Hatchful allows you to create a logo from 12 categories and has several style variations. Even though they offer many logo variations, the editor does not allow you to do much, predefine the colors.

With TRUiC, you can choose from 700 industries and have the freedom to choose if you want a text-based logo or if you want to include an icon or symbol. The logo maker features an abundance of font styles, and you have the option to choose from several color sets.

Best of all, once you create your logo design, you can download it for free and can continue generating designs. The logo format is in SVG for easy resizing, but because it cannot be used on all websites, TRUiC also offers PNG format.

Other free business tools

Whatever your business needs are, you can take advantage of some of the best free tools available online.

Website builders

Build a wonderful website even if you lack the knowledge by using Wix, GoDaddy, or WordPress.

Invoice solutions

There are also free marketing tools that offer invoice creation solutions. Wave and Slimvoice both provide straightforward versions for your business.

Online research and website analysis

Free online marketing tools offer insights and data on how you can develop SEO-driven content to drive qualified leads to your website. SEMrush can help you find the right keywords, and you can watch what your competition is doing for free. Google Analytics can help you track your customers to determine how to expand your online presence and what content is valuable.

Social media marketing

Building your customer trust and connecting with your audience through social media requires a lot of your time. There are many free social media marketing tools to help you reach your business goals faster. HowManyShares allows you to see the popularity of your content. Other tools include Latergram helps you to schedule Instagram content, and Buffer Free Plan, which for scheduling content in advance on a wide range of platforms.

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