Physical Therapy Marketing Insight

by Brett Harper

Every physical therapist, occupational therapist, and physiatrist needs their physical therapy marketing campaign to attract and maintain patients, deliver reliable and efficient patient care, optimize outcomes, and achieve quality clinical practice based on evidence.

That’s a huge challenge these days. Even if your goal is to establish a successful standard, your promotional activities will not do what you need them. Today, advertisement and marketing are more than survival for the physical therapist, and it has to work on many fronts and with many target markets.

Public demand for services is on the rise, as is competition, too. It is a highly competitive industrial world. With promotions for many medical and healthcare professionals — mergers, acquisitions, and “roll-ups” are growing competition for physical therapists seeking to catch higher-paying cases. Simultaneously, demand for services increased with baby boomers greying in America and changes in healthcare delivery systems.

 Marketing Insight

If there is “positive news” about marketing and advertisement for physical therapy, it’s because there is an enormous range of markets and resources. PT practitioners usually have more things to worry about, more promotional routes, and more ways to raise income than many other medical and healthcare specialties.

In addition to conventional preventive and therapeutic physical therapy services, demand increases for therapy in sports injury, personal injury, and workers ‘ compensation injuries. From pediatric and geriatric patients to aquatic therapy and lymphedema treatment to intensive care and sub-acute rehabilitation hospital settings — few specialties offer patients a wide range of services and provide as many prospective revenue sources as possible.

And though that’s the good news, this diversity in services has turned marketing strategies in physical therapy into a multi-faceted initiative that needs a well-considered and carefully controlled marketing strategy for physical therapy to do it right and be successful.

Marketing for physical therapy has grown.

In recent years, the dynamics of society, medicine, medical delivery systems, and the professions (generalists, specialists, and sub-specialists) have shifted. Marketing and advertisement have changed from easy to increasingly complex and complicated for physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and physiatrists. And the point of service has grown to include working in and even advertising, fitness, and athletic training centers, office or industrial areas, inpatient and outpatient settings, and specialized nursing, critical care, and/or aged care services.

Today, a physical therapy physician’s marketing campaign goes out to diverse and often overlapping audiences, including doctors, patients, potential self-referencing customers, insurance companies, and others who are part of the mix.

Effective physical therapy marketing requires precise planning.

Healthcare Quality will direct your marketing practice in physical therapy and include campaign solutions customized to your needs, innovative, and outcomes-based. Marketing success requires the ability to proactively consider, recognize, plan, and build on opportunities as they present themselves.

This approach includes a common group vision and mutual goals, strategic planning, skillful implementation, consistency, the efficiency of communication techniques, and assessing, quantifying, and evaluating campaign success to make changes in real-time.

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