5 Content Marketing Stats That Will Help You Reach Your Audience

by Brett Harper

People are spending extra time than ever consuming content material. Adobe recently surveyed 1,000 U.S. Consumers who very own as a minimum one digital tool (i.E., a phone, pill, or pc) to find out. But with such a lot of voices and selections, what makes a target market track in, and what makes them leap? The 2d annual Brand Content Survey sheds light on what customers want and how nowadays’s tech traits influence client decisions.

“As a content material marketer, if you’re just considering one channel, you’re very much at the back of,” says Loni Stark, Sr. Director of Strategy & Product Marketing at Adobe. “It’s not pretty much making sure you have got content material that can be disbursed to some of these gadgets, however also optimized for those devices.”

Whether your logo goals reach millennial clients or C-stage executives, here are some highlights from the have a look at to keep in mind while growing your content approach.

19% of Gen-Xers and 31% of baby boomers say they in no way percentage content material online. The older customers are, the less probably they’re to share content material online. With a mean age of 54 inside the U.S., how can marketers reach elusive C-Suite executives?

Though reluctant to proportionate or engage on social networks, older purchasers nevertheless spend a median of 7-nine hours consistent with the day online, in step with the survey. “Everyone is consuming content—it’s a matter of ways do you get the most treasured content material to that institution,” says Stark. She recommends creating content material that’s distinctive, industry-particular, and presents enterprise fees. While you don’t need to post a 40-page white paper (CEOs like snackable content material too), she says, properly-researched content material gives executives incentive to engage.

Offline, executives crave possibilities to network with every different and learn first-rate practices head to head. Most pros can’t pick up the cellphone and get in touch with friends from other corporations day today, so enterprise activities that foster an experience of community and spark communication offer actual fees.

AI Advances

forty-five % of purchasers would abandon content that’s showing poorly on their modern-day device. Optimizing for person enjoy turns into key while you don’t forget the devices clients use to devour content. Stark says that developments in artificial intelligence are lowering the heavy lifting required to create and adapt content material. Machine getting to know can assist content creators to wade through troves of property to locate applicable content material and crop to appropriate sizes for various gadgets. AI equipment also helps entrepreneurs degree what’s operating and what’s no longer to adapt techniques.


Personalization Pays

34% of consumers are much more likely to make an unplanned buy if a brand personalizes content. Consumers assume a few degrees of personalization, but manufacturers, beware—crossing the line turns consumers away. Stark advises applying the party test. Imagine how awkward it would experience if a stranger approached you at an event and already knew non-public information about your life due to the fact they noticed you at the guest listing and Googled you? You would probably feel extra comfortable in case you were given the hazard to introduce yourself. The same guidelines of engagement should apply to brands.

Above all, the survey indicates purchasers value accurate and informative content material. When your logo enables human beings to do their jobs better, develop professionally and hook up with like-minded people in new approaches, it makes your content challenging to disregard. On the alternative hand, in case you name an agency you’ve done business with, you will anticipate a customer service rep to recognize your applicable account information to help streamline the decision, Stark says. The higher you recognize your target market’s wishes and preferences, the more magnificent open they’ll be to receiving your message.

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