Getting Started With Video Content Marketing

by Brett Harper

In a bid to live relevant in the YouTube era, B2B marketers are using greater video content than ever earlier.
Video may be used to simplify complex statistics for selection-makers and seize their interest and create brand focus. That’s why in a 2018 LinkedIn record, sixty-two % of B2B entrepreneurs rated video because of the maximum vital format they used for content. We’ve requested advertising and marketing professionals to explain how B2B marketers are using video content material, why such content is becoming vital for B2B brands, and how you may.

What Is B2B Video Content Marketing?

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Chris Stasiuk, founder and creative director of Signature Video Group, defines B2B video advertising and marketing as “the creation and distribution of video content material with the aid of an organization that does business with different organizations (in preference to immediately with purchasers).” Video content material ought to come in many bureaucracies along with instructional motion pictures, professional interviews, case studies, and extra.

Many B2B brands distribute video content thru popular social media systems like Youtube, Linked In, and Facebook. Others put video content on touchdown pages or announce webinars through e-mail advertising and marketing. Stasiuk said B2B manufacturers ought to be doing all of this and extra. “A perfect B2B video campaign does one of three matters: entertains, educates, or evokes.”

Why Is Video Marketing Important for B2B?

“Video is essential for B2B due to the fact commonly the information being conveyed to a B2B purchaser is more complicated than the B2C customer,” said Marilyn Heywood Paige, VP of advertising at Inciting Marketing Solutions. It’s much extra tough to explain the fee of agency software programs then, for instance, common household items.

“Video can transmit complex thoughts and build an emotional reference to the viewer a great deal faster and greater compellingly than other mediums,” brought Paige. That’s why product demonstrations are one of the most substantial forms of video content for B2B. Many of these take the shape of stay webinars, wherein leads can choose-in in advance of time.

While maximum B2B brands use video content to train visitors, Stasiuk nonetheless sees the fee as enjoyable and galvanizing them. “A properly-carried out campaign let you find new potentialities, growth conversions, reduce man-powered engagements, and pride existing customers,” he stated. Getting Started With Video Content Marketing Industry professionals offered three primary areas for entrepreneurs to be cognizance on:

1. Identify Your Target Audience

While many B2B agencies are generating brand-particular video content material, fewer are developing audience-centric content material. Most B2B audiences like seeing whiteboard-style videos and enterprise expert interviews, no longer just ‘approximately us’ clips. It would be best if you created a compelling story that taps into viewers’ feelings; however, to do that, you want to recognize your target market and their pain points. When determining your target audience, you’ll need not forget the trouble you can resolve for them and any objections they will have to purchase from you. “Once you recognize the answers to those questions, you could construct content material that goes to work for you,” stated Stasiuk.

2. Outline Your Plan for the Video Content

When growing the video content itself, Paige recommends writing down the 3 principal thoughts you want to carry to the audience with the aid of first learning your competitors. “Look for gaps in their storytelling that you could leverage or approaches wherein your service or product is different from what they provide,” she shows. You’ll additionally want to include several clean name-to-moves in the course of the video to keep viewers transferring along your sales funnel.
You must make the content compelling and applicable from the start, as someone at paintings will spend some seconds watching earlier than bouncing. From there, you will need to define the maximum critical visual factors had to convey your message. Paige recommends you collaborate with a person experienced in video messaging as they “frequently can upload things you won’t consider and could understand how to obtain the outcomes you need.”

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