How to Create a Blogging Strategy for a SaaS Startup

by Brett Harper

Is your SaaS startup looking to drive extra traffic to its internet site? Establish itself as a thought chief within the industry? If so, marketing ought to play a full-size role in your product-first SaaS agency. Blogging is a exceptional place to start.

When it turned into the final time, you bought a new software program without learning it first? More importantly, wherein do you pass on your research? You look online. One of the exceptional ways to establish a web presence is to include a weblog to your internet site—and there’s in no way been a better time to start blogging. In October of 2017, the handiest 11 percent of SaaS agencies were investing in content material advertising. That approach less opposition and more possibility to rank in search engines. So in which do you start?

SaaS Startup

Develop a Target Persona

Your goal persona is the ideal client whom you’re trying to draw into your internet site. They are the individual that is most possibly to put money into your software. When you broaden a persona, you get perception into what subjects one’s human beings are interested in, and while you better apprehend them, you can higher serve them.

Take Kissmetrics, for instance. Neil Patel founded this powerful internet analytics answer. This is currently getting used on 17,754 particular domains. Its blog doesn’t target simply everybody—it’s written for entrepreneurs.

Start Researching

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to realize who you want to target. You additionally ought to understand what those personas are searching for. That’s wherein keyword research comes into play. Keywords are the reason your put-up indicates up on a seek results page. If you’re no longer using the right key phrases, your potential clients gained’t be capable of finding your content material online.

Research short-tail and lengthy-tail keywords, retaining your goal personality in thoughts. For instance, if you provide a worker evaluation software program, recollect terms associated with the following: employee engagement, overall performance opinions, HR employee engagement software answer, employee survey software program for startups, and extra.

Keyword Research Tools

This year, Robbie Richards found out the nice gear for keyword research after surveying 133 search advertising and marketing specialists. SEMrush changed into voted the fan favored, followed by Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and Keyword Tool. There are many tools you may use to discover promising keywords. Still, they’re also are surprising locations you can discover killer key phrases—make certain to maintain an eye out in those locations, too.

Build a Content Calendar

Once you have a concept of who your goal persona is and what phrases or terms they may be typing into search engines like google and yahoo, you could start building a content calendar. Come up with a list of topics and brainstorm 10 to fifteen titles for every subject matter to start (don’t forget to highlight those key phrases!).

If you’re seeking a way to organize your approach and content material to your software program weblog, provide Trello or Google Sheets a test run. By laying out your approach in a single vicinity, you’ll be capable of maintaining your content material thoughts organized, on the right track, and on time.

Write & Optimize

Now it’s time to start constructing out those blogs. When writing content, avoid speakme about your SaaS startup—rather, talk approximately the patron’s ache factors and how they can be addressed. For instance, simply the fact that you offer a challenge control software program doesn’t imply you should focus on promoting loose trials. Instead, speak the advantages of dealing with projects correctly.

Write a put-upon how you stored 20 mins through creating a repetitive task greater green. Share relevant content that your ability clients are virtually interested in analyzing. By doing so, you could increase yourself as a thought leader within the industry and start building acceptance as true. For content concept, check out SaaSholic’s “The Definite List of Top SaaS Blogs and Influencers.” Close your weblog with a name to motion. What do you want the reader to do subsequently? Use a movement verb, and make sure it’s both exciting and associated with the weblog put up.

Writing great content is fundamental—but you could’t assume human beings to find the weblog submit if it’s now not optimized for engines like google. Take a 2d to have a look at wherein your keywords are located. Ensure they can be found in the URL, page name, meta description, h1 tag, photo alt tags, and frame reproduction.


Once your weblog submits is written, the subsequent step is promoting it. Never lose sight of your goal personas, the keywords they’re looking for, or the structures they’re the use of. Share your blog on social media structures along with Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Reddit. Post for your enterprise pages, but additionally proportion in companies along with LinkedIn’s Software as a Service, Cloud & SaaS Startups, or SaaS Networkers agencies—every of which hosts greater than 19,000 individuals.

Although your target personas may not interact in those groups at once, posting there’ll assist build your network and credibility. Use hashtags and mentions to force engagement—and be aware of where humans are interacting most. You can nice-tune your merchandising strategy as more blogs gain traction. For instance, if Twitter is driving the general public of site visitors, increase the frequency of posts on that platform if you’re now not gaining any traction from one LinkedIn organization, studies options.

Analyze & Test

Track and analyze blog overall performance frequently. I prefer to use Google Analytics to look at which posts generate the maximum site visitors. With Google Analytics, you can examine more than one post, delve right into a unmarried blog submit, examine metrics over time, and so much more. By having whole insight into your blog’s overall performance, you may perceive which subjects resonate with viewers and which of them should use development. Reviewing analytics can even give you ideas for future testing, including:

Titles: Do fantastic or bad blog titles resonate with your target market? Copy Formats: Do site visitors stay on the web page longer if the weblog is written in quick paragraphs or if a bulleted/numbered list is used? Calls to Action: Are CTAs with a solid historical past clicked more than CTAs with an image history? It’s important to think of blogging as a method in preference to a mission. Gaining traction on the content you positioned accessibly takes time, so don’t get discouraged if the weblog post you posted the remaining month isn’t getting as many views as you had hoped. There will constantly be room for improvement in optimizing your blogs. For instance, five Ways to Improve Your Software Demo vs. 5 Reasons Why Your Software Demo Is Failing. Analyze frequently and check distinct concepts to discover what works quality.

Wrapping It Up

Building a hit weblog on your SaaS startup starts with a nicely thought out method. By defining your target personas and understanding what they’re looking for, you may tailor content to their hobbies and desires. You may benefit from the exposure in the quick-term and begin driving visitors to your internet site. If completed effectively, the long-time period guarantees are even more useful and consist of constructing consider, gaining credibility, and higher serving ability customers.

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