5 of the Best Free Keyword Research Tools in 2019

by Brett Harper

Keyword research has usually been one of the maximum crucial (however additionally time-ingesting and complex) SEO activities. The satisfactory factor you may do to optimize your keyword research is getting yourself an effective keyword research tool. In this manner, you’ll not find it most effective to accumulate tons of new worthwhile keywords but additionally, automate the whole behavior and shop hours.

The right (and horrific) information is that there’s an overwhelming variety of keyword studies gear in recent times, and selecting one can be a real pain within the neck. That’s why I’ve decided to slender down your choice to five high-quality FREE keyword research gear that has already validated themselves to be reliable keyword finders inside the industry in the meanwhile. Rank Tracker is an effective keyword studies tool with one of the most important keyword databases and consists of 23 keyword research strategies such as Google Keyword Planner, Search Console, and Google Analytics.


Using the software’s Autocomplete and Related Searches equipment, you could amplify your keyword listing with heaps of lengthy-tails, acquire the maximum popular keywords for your niche, and get valuable insights into search tendencies. What’s extra, the device can also supply you with all possible word combinations and misspelled editions of your key phrases.

With the Competition TF-IDF Explorer’s assistance, the device will examine your pinnacle ten competitors and collect the most worthwhile key phrases that they have got in common.

On top of that, Rank Tracker is also a complete keyword analysis device. It helps you to analyze the key phrases you’ve amassed in line with the most essential search engine marketing performance signs like:

  • Number of searches
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Competition
  • Cost Per Click
  • Keyword duration
  • Expected Ad Clicks
  • etc.

Rank Tracker can be extensively utilized for keyword tracking functions. With the help of the software program’s Keyword Sandbox characteristic, you can with ease keep, group, filter out, or tag your keywords in any manner. So after you’ve determined the keywords you want to consist of for your campaign, you can flow them to Rank Tracking and continue with checking rankings.

Some users might dislike that there are fewer possibilities for collaboration because Rank Tracker is a laptop-based software program. However, a few might also like it because the device can accumulate significant amounts of records.



The 2d device on the list is Google Keyword Planner. It’s a free keyword research device from Google, also, to undoubtedly one of the biggest keyword databases accessible properly. It works equally correctly for keyword research and pays according to click-on campaigns. What’s greater, it’s most straightforward logical to use Google’s gear for conquering Google.

Every keyword notion furnished by the device could be followed using some beneficial parameters, including average monthly searches, competition, and top-of-page bids (low and high range). Of course, the variety of metrics is quite limited; however, it is still sufficient to get primary know-how of the keywords.

There’s also a possibility to access historical information (12‐month average seek volumes) and filter keywords (consistent with the keyword text, common monthly searches, opposition), or exclude those you have already got. After you’ve finished that and decided on the keywords which you’re willing to preserve, you could either upload them for your advertising plan (if you’re approximately to run a Google Ads campaign) or download a CSV record with all of your key phrases and stats that go together with them.

Some users might discover the reality that no precise search quantity statistics is irritating – you may most effectively see some rough estimates. However, you can get entry to specific numbers in case you run a Google Ads marketing campaign.

In addition to that, the Keyword Planner limits the number of keyword hints. No, be counted what several unique seed key phrases you input (you could type in up to three key phrases); keyword Planner won’t return extra than 2,000 keywords, even as different keyword tools can pull out ten times more because they use greater databases to get key phrases from.


  • Google’s very own tool
  • One of the most massive key-word databases
  • An opportunity to shop keywords
  • Convenient filtering
  • Access to ancient statistics
  • Smooth users revel in


  • An indistinct variety of monthly seek volumes
  • Limited keyword hints

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