Expert blogger Puspanjalee Das Dutta stocks insights

by Brett Harper

In India, pursuing a profession on the net is still now not broadly prevalent or understood. Some can also even don’t forget it is a lazy escape course from normal, mainstream jobs. But garnering a target market online, staying innovative and constant, and being able to make cash out of it is no baby’s play. Guwahati-based Puspanjalee Das Dutta, who cease her activity after the beginning of her son, says she desperately desired to do something for herself and maintain herself occupied as a live-at-domestic mom and determined to begin running a blog in 2011.

In 2016, Puspanjalee changed into regarded by Google as one of the pleasant content creators on the net and turned into part of the Google+ Create a program. Today, Puspanjalee has over 30 million visitors throughout her blogs – My Writing, My World, and Foodie On The Road – and pursues running a blog complete-time.

Dutta stocks insights

In a Community Chat on the HerStory Women On A Mission Facebook organization, Puspanjalee shared her professional insights on blogging and how you can make a career out of it.

Edited excerpts from the chat:

HerStory: I have multiple hobbies; however, how do I determine which topic of blogging approximately? Puspanjalee Das Dutta: Write about the whole thing you take care of. After some months, you will discover which you are extra cozy in speakme about a particular hobby that is equally loved by the target audience. That’s your topic or niche for the blog – a subject which you love to talk about and your audience are looking forward to studying. HS: How much time do I need to spend on running a blog if I take it up as a profession? Can I do this at the side of my daily activity? PDD: It relies upon what phase you’re at for your blogging journey. Some might also need to spend 5-7 hours a day, whereas a few may also need to provide 2-four hours. I personally spend 5-6 hours on weekdays. And yes, running a blog can be performed as a side hustle along with the daily activity. HS: How do I remain prompted when the primary few weblog posts don’t get hold of tons of high-quality responses?

PDD: I once stopped blogging absolutely due to lack of response, but in the end, it turned into my love for writing that I received. The first weblog posts are constantly difficult. Nobody is aware of you, and no person cares what you’re doing. In such instances, be energetic on social media, percentage your weblog hyperlinks, however most significantly, speak to different bloggers. Read different humans’ blogs and share them on social media; the bloggers usually reciprocate. Blogging is also now not pretty much you. It’s approximately what your target market needs as nicely. If you like to create content material that enables people, you preserve doing it. Being regular is one of the things that make for achievement in the blogging world. Networking is every other key to a successful weblog. HS: I want to begin a weblog approximately fashion. However, I’m not a writer. How do I cross approximately this?

PDD: You do not want to be an author to be a blogger. You can start by writing quick snippets with pictorial instructions as your blog submit. If you’re at ease with a camera, begin video running a blog. Not just tutorials, however, speak approximately subjects like how to be stylish on a price range, regular style, and secure clothing. I strongly propose which you begin writing in short snippets, and as soon as you recognize what is running for you and your preferred target audience, pick out the higher format. HS: Can one begin earning money from day one with blogging, or does it manifest over time? How does one convert writing into a cash-making undertaking? PDD: If you have started a blog simply because each other man or woman is a blogger and you no longer have a plan, you may in no way earn a single penny. But if you are blogging with a reason and feature learned some things like associate advertising, then yes, you could earn money from the first day itself. Making money from a weblog is an enterprise. And like some other enterprise, it wishes to work, exercise, and be consistent.

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