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by Brett Harper

Monish Chandan: A Financial Analyst, A Debutante Model & A Lifestyle Blogger. Blogging has emerged as a first-rate medium to exhibit one’s creativity to the world. Monish Chandan is an outstanding name inside the global of blogging these days. He runs a non-public weblog, “My Life Experiences,” which encompasses his take on Food, Fashion, Lifestyle, Technology, Health & Fitness. He admits that writing is his ardor. He believes in making one’s content material unique to attract brands and the target market. In a candid verbal exchange, he talked about his journey to become a Lifestyle Blogger and social media influencer.

Interviewer: Please tell our readers approximately yourself. How could you describe yourself in minimal phrases feasible?
Monish: Monish Chandan, A true-blue Mumbaikar, has international followers. Finance Consultant through profession and Lifestyle Blogger by passion, a debutante in modeling and pro at economic evaluation. He is purposefully passionate and uniquely creative at work as well as in arts and sports. He believes perseverance is the soul of fulfillment. He loves exploring his own united states and befriending foreign countries. He is a novice Chef and a die-tough cricket fan. He is excited to meet perfect humans.

Monish Chandan

Interviewer: How did you get into blogging? Any thrilling tale that you would love to a percentage? Monish: I began running a blog approximately four years ago; I percentage my experiences through my blog www.Monishchandan.Com on Food, Fashion & Lifestyle, and lots more. I never notion I could make it into blogging, but it simply befell. It’s simply my sheer passion and interest in writing my thoughts and sharing them with us. In 2013, I used to write brief testimonies, poems, etc., in my private diary and keep it to myself. I by no means dared to percentage it with anyone. Once I confirmed it to my friends, they honestly appreciated it and advised me to write on our intranet agency website. I obtained a great response on every weblog that gave me the confidence to start my weblog. My friends informed me why don’t begin a weblog on WordPress to reach a much broader audience and all and sundry understand approximately it. That’s how my blogging journey started.

Interviewer: From where do you draw an idea for your blogs? Monish: I get stimulated from beneficiant acts inclusive of kindness from strangers, Conversation starters, motivational rates, and I use that as a kick-starter for any topic that makes my readers engaged with my weblog. Interviewer: Is running a blog your way to launching your stress or a professional pursuit? Monish: Well, I cannot say it is a stress buster; however, I experience when I penned down my thoughts in the dark; it offers me a robust feeling of pride, feel of feat.

Interviewer: When Monish isn’t doing running a blog, how did he spend his time? Any particular interest? Monish: That’s a terrific question!! Get some popcorn, fries on my bed looking at Netflix !! Interviewer: Share the experience of your journey to this point? Monish: It has been a notable journey up to now; way returned in 2013, I started out writing on WordPress and joined a weblog network – Indiblogger & BlogAdda, in which I related with like-minded bloggers. When I see right now, bloggers are considered the same as the mainstream media, and the electricity of running a blog is great. The impact creates no longer only for us; however, for the emblem is brilliant. I see that blogging has a vivid destiny in advance.
Interviewer: What is your definition of success? Money/ fame/ delight/ (another)

Monish: I inform you of one element, don’t come into blogging if you think it is simple to earn quickly. It’s now not that smooth as you would think about it. Don’t run behind fame or cash; just consciousness of excellent content material, write particular stuff and produce creativity on your submit. I understand it’s tough-hitting, but that’s the true tale. Interviewer: Do you accept as true that there are a few sorts of samples or systems to becoming a successful blogger? Would you please share it with our readers? Monish: As I stated, no such system exists. Just recollect one-factor Content is king in running a blog. Give your determination, efforts and write particular content; your difficult paintings will pay off.

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