Search engine optimization: Harnessing Facets to Drive the Meaty Torso

by Brett Harper

Natural seek overall performance on e-commerce websites regularly suffers from an invisible hassle: a missing torso. For SEO, a “torso” describes key phrases that pressure too many searches to be referred to as long-tail but no longer enough to be referred to as head terms. A meaty torso consists of keywords that each drive hundreds of searches in line with the month.

In some instances, websites cannot drive herbal seek visits and revenue via faceted search-created pages that would, in any other case, target mid-price explore terms. Harnessing those aspects to power revenue can be a competitive benefit to your search method.


For instance, “dresses” is ahead period. “Calvin Klein long black ruched dress” is an extended tail. But within the center are keywords, including “long black dress” and “black maxi dress,” that constitute 33,000 and 27,000 searches consistent with month inside the U.S. Respectively, in step with Google Keyword Planner.

That’s 60,000 searches a month for merchandise that ladies’ style shops might probably have on their digital cabinets. So why no longer cause them to be had to shoppers in search outcomes?

The Meaty Torso

The problem is that aspects are generally rendered uncrawlable, either because the technology used to create them isn’t accessible to go-looking engine crawlers or because the business has made them uncrawlable purposely.

For instance, garb store Express ranks primary in Google for a search on “dress.” But it’s nowhere to be determined for pages that require the consumer to pick out a facet like “lengthy black get dressed” and “black maxi dress.” Express has used a canonical tag to train Google not to index its faceted navigation pages, which eliminates the opportunity to rank for those pages, and hence for the one’s keywords.

Conversely, Macy’s allows crawlers to get admission to faceted pages with up to two filters carried out. This Macy’s ranks within the pinnacle 3 in Google for “black dress” and primary for “long black get dressed” and “black maxi gets dressed.” Macy’s will, therefore, likely win a significant portion of 60,000 clicks from search effects and the chance to sell to hundreds of searching customers.

And that’s just one instance. The electricity of faceted look for entrepreneurs lies in its capacity to scale, to provide pages focused on exactly the combination of product attributes that searchers are seeking out.

Cutting off search engine access on your faceted navigation removes the possibility that you’ll rank — and power sales — for lots of keyword combos already observed inside your website indeed.

Manual Page Creation

Some sites take a guide method and create pages for particular keywords. Forever21.Com has delivered “Black Dresses” in its style navigation as a subcategory, out of doors of the faceted navigation.

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