How to jot down better PPC RFPs: 15 questions to ask your employer

by Brett Harper

Running a paid seek employer, I get to look at a correct quantity of PPC RFPs every month, a few better than others. But what makes a good RFP as a way to assist you in working out which corporations are great at income and which of them can supply for your project? Ask, “How huge is your organization?” & “What is your average purchaser length?“ When it comes to the size of the business enterprise and their common customer size, there are fundamental considerations:

A larger company with greater personnel is probably seen as a tight pair of palms. However, you’re likely to work with a much less experienced account manager, except you’ve got vast media finances. On the other quit of the scale, a smaller company might be seen to be riskier. However, you’re more likely to paintings with the proprietors or another senior group of workers with plenty of experience.


Asking approximately the common consumer size will allow you to work out where you may sit within the organization’s pecking order. If the organization has a median purchaser length of £1m, and you spend £100k, the probabilities are you’re not going to get as much interest as an account spending £5m that might be inside the employer’s pinnacle 10 accounts.

“What is your attention as a company?“

Generally, speak most companies are excellent at a single carrier, after which additional offerings are probably outsourced or dealt with with the aid of a small crew. Here it’s critical to invite what percentage of a team of workers are dedicated to paid search and search for an employer that focuses on this area to get excellent results.

Generally speaking, you’ll be inside the nice fingers at either an expert paid search enterprise or a search corporation (supplying SEO and PPC) with a larger paid search team within it.

“Who can be in my accounts group?“

Understanding who’s inside your money owed team and what their history is is fundamental. There are numerous questions that you might want to invite here to dig deeper:

Where did their paintings earlier than, and what did their paintings on earlier than that became similar? What changed into their position while running on their accounts? It’s fairly commonplace for organizations to list that their employees previously worked on massive brands. Surely they have been just an account executive doing heritage admin, not the account director going for walks the approach and managing the customer relationship. What is the way of life like of the account group I will be working with, and can we meet them? Ensure that you meet them as a part of your pitch procedure to ensure that there is good chemistry.

What is the group structure inside the bills group? Who does what, and how much of all people’s time will I get? Most corporations use a model with an account director on the pinnacle, an account manager, and some account executives and grads. You don’t want to find which you’ve were given two particularly overworked account administrators and account managers and a bunch of grads who might be mastering the task with your account. What is their account supervisor churn price? You don’t want to be running with a bills crew changing each couple of months, so appearance to work with a company with a meager account supervisor/director churn price. Do you outsource any work? It’s common to have some freelancers running for massive companies; however, an employer that outsources account management is probably one to keep away from.

Ask approximately comparable paintings inside the equal vertical.

The announcing that beyond performance is a trademark of future overall performance, which commonly holds genuine in the paid seek area. It is a great idea to invite your organization. What percentage of their clients are in the identical market as me? An organization with experience in the equal enterprise will understand the competitive market and its demanding situations and save you time schooling them up. Ask who owns the industrial dating and account records. We still run into FTSE100 debts in which the media company owns both the facts and the commercial dating with the platform (Google, Bing, Yandex, and so on).

It’s fundamental for media shopping for transparency. You personal the industrial relationship with the platform to see exactly how much you have spent and might account for each pound spent. You must make an additional appearance to barter your credit score terms with Google and different platforms. Supplied that you have an excellent credit score and charge records, you have to negotiate proper terms. Ensuring which you add very own all of the statistics within your account that has been generated from marketing campaign hobby is essential. Also, you should make certain that that is a period inside your contracts.


In a small 10,000 keywords paid search account, there are around 38 billion distinct capability bidding mixtures in an unmarried day. That’s lots of data, and it’s the handiest going to develop as Google provides more excellent features, making automation ever-greater vital.

You must ask your company:

  • What technology do you enroll in?
  • What proprietary era do you’ve got?
  • Do you operate open supply technology like Adwords Scripts?
  • Do you have got in-residence functionality to build your very own bespoke technology?

The first-rate PPC organizations will probably have access to their proprietary technology that works on Google’s API to automate responsibilities as account builds, expansions, and bidding. They can also join software like DoubleClick manager, Marin, Adobe Media Optimiser for bid management, after which other systems for different necessities. For example, they will join software like Analysis or Optmyzr to cut up against taking a look at a scale.

Good agencies should also be able to utilize loads of open source Adwords scripts accessible like Google’s TV bidding scheduler that permits you to increase emblem bids when your TV commercials are running. Best-in-class organizations will have their very own in-house technology departments that may construct technology around clients’ necessities.

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