Friday Dog Blogging – 12 July 2019

by Brett Harper

You keep in mind Bodie the cockapoo, don’t you? You met him nearly a yr in the past, while he turned into just a few weeks antique. Well, last weekend became his first birthday, so he joined us at the dog-friendly grounds of UC Irvine at the same time as we performed a spherical of disc golfing. The pinnacle picture is Bodie in his herbal kingdom, moist and dirty and loving every minute of it. The bottom image is a rare photograph of Bodie at relaxation, searching spic and span because I took it close to the start of the day.

We recently wrapped up the crowdfunding campaign for our ambitious Mother Jones Corruption Project, and it became a smashing achievement. About 10,364 readers pitched in with donations averaging $forty five, and collectively they contributed about $467,374 toward our $500,000 aim.
That’s splendid. We nonetheless have donations from letters we sent inside the mail coming back to us, so we’re on pace to hit—if no longer exceed—that aim. Thank you a lot. We’ll preserve you posted here because of the assignment ramps up, and you could join the masses of readers who’ve alerted us to corruption to dig into.

Blogging can even divulge your talent, creativity, ardor and your willpower. “Blogging is an exceptional way to reveal your competencies and pastimes to prospective employers, even as adding a facet in your resume. If you blog always it suggests your determination, passions, and creativity-all of that are key attributes employers look for in job candidates.”- Lauren Conrad
6.) Blogging Improves Your Writing Skills: When you keep on running a blog, with the time you grow to be a higher author. You’ll discover ways to explicit your self higher. Blogging improves your writing competencies and additionally your abilities to speak with humans.

7.) Marketing and Building Relationships with Customers: Blogging is vital in marketing. A blog is an advertising and marketing tool and entrepreneurs ought to use blogs to tell people about the goods they’re selling. Marketers ought to weblog informative statistics approximately the products they’re advertising so that human beings know how such merchandise is going to be useful to them in solving diverse troubles. Blogging builds better relationships between clients and agencies.
Major Challenge in Blogging

The important venture that many weblog proprietors (bloggers) are dealing with is inadequately targeted site visitors. Without focused visitors, a blog will in no way flourish. When you comprehend that your blog isn’t attracting sufficient focused visitors, you shouldn’t surrender.
It is regular for all and sundry to sense discouraged because of disappointments but giving up isn’t an answer. Giving up is growing every other trouble of getting no longer discovered a solution that works efficaciously. The pleasant you could do instead of giving up is to find out how you may force focused site visitors on your blog.
So, why is your blog now not receiving targeted site visitors? Some of the reasons are as follows:
1.) Your blog is yet to be acknowledged when you consider that it’s miles nevertheless new. It requires publicity.

2.) There is no sufficient content material on your blog to attract humans and for the search engines like google to rank your blog.
Three.) The content you have got posted to your blog isn’t always of splendid. Publishing mediocre content for your weblog could be the motive why it lacks focused traffic.
4.) The niche of your weblog may be the reason for insufficient focused traffic. If your blog is concentrated on a gap this is too competitive or the one that human beings are not interested in, then your weblog will not appeal to any huge quantity of focused visitors.

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