Google Produced 96% of US Mobile Search Visits in Q4 2018

by Brett Harper

Google accounted for ninety-six % of all US mobile natural seek visits inside the fourth sector of 2018. Organic search, in standard, produced directly beneath 26% of all website visits in Q4 2018, that’s a 1/2-factor decline from Q3 2018.

This fact is revealed in Merkle’s Q4 2018 Digital Marketing Report, consisting of data approximately paid to seek, social, and Amazon commercials.

In this post, I will highlight the essential thing findings related to natural search. Organic Search in Q4 2018 The organic search goes to percentage commonly dips throughout Q4, as many brands are more invested in paid channels.

Mobile Search Visits

Total web site visits produced through natural seek grew a touch much less than 2% 12 months-over-yr in Q4 2018, down from nearly 6% growth in the previous zone. On cellular gadgets, natural searches produced 24% of site visits. Organic search on cell telephones remained strong at 17% 12 months-over-year, while desktop natural seeks visits declined 10% yr-over-year.


Google produced 93% of all US organic search visits in Q4 2018, up from ninety-two % a year earlier. Mobile gadgets produced 61% of Google’s natural search visits in Q4 2018. Google organic search visits standard grew 3% in Q4 2018 and rose 12% on mobile.


Bing produced four% of all US organic search visits in Q4 2018 and a pair of% of cellular seek vacations. Bing noticed a decline of 16% 12 months-over-yr in universal natural seek visits but grew 2% on cellular.


DuckDuckGo accounted for zero.4% of all-natural search visits in Q4 2018 and 0.5% of cell natural seek appointments. DuckDuckGo natural seek visits were up 34% or-over-12 months overall in Q4 2018 and grew seventy-five % on cell devices.

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