A reaction to “On public hobby in conservation

by Brett Harper

In their letter, Correia and colleagues boost troubles approximately our original article (Burivalova et al. 2018). Their first factor questions the proposition that growth in absolute search extent reflects a boom in the public hobby. We completely agree that this is not likely to be an honest relationship: it’d be stricken by disparities in net get entry to, special motives for searching the net, and so on. Indeed, we highlighted these caveats in our article, where we, in addition, warned that: “hobby does now not always equal support; conservation scientists and practitioners need to, therefore, encourage this growing hobby by redoubling efforts to present goal, evidence-based findings approximately conservation in a reachable, engaging, and relatable manner.” Correia et al. Also argue that the absolute range of searches is probable to have increased for any topic. We confirmed that absolutely the seek volume on sure conservation-associated subjects, inclusive of “monkeywrenching” (non‐violent sabotage finished with the aid of environmental activists; WebFigure 2b), did not substantially increase at some point of the observed length. We do, but fully help an extra nuanced evaluation, which would combine multiple strategies to apprehend better the connection among search quantity, public interest, and public aid.


We agree that the authors’ 2d factor stems from a misunderstanding. We did no longer assume that conservation and weather alternate–associated subjects had comparable degrees of a public hobby. Rather, we thought that the price and route of exchange in the hobby in these subjects changed into comparable and synchronized (WebFigure 5). Indeed, the overall search quantity for climate exchange is about five instances as high as biodiversity, as indicated via Google AdWords and Keywords Everywhere. However, when searches for climate trade upward push, so do searches for biodiversity. This turned into not the case for control terms, such as “cupcake” or “HIV/AIDS” (WebFigure 6). Our unique worry, or suspicion, becomes that hobby in weather trade displaces interest in biodiversity conservation. We believe that comparing the quick-time period prices of increase and decrease are suitable for evaluating whether that is real.

We presume that an instantaneous contrast between subjects because the authors recommend their Figure 1b might best be feasible if we had the actual absolute ancient cost for seeking extent. We additionally agree that Google Trends records, as to be had at the time of our analysis, do now not allow such assessment. Although it’d have been viable to scale our consequences by using the contemporary absolute, seek volumes as obtained from Google AdWords and Keywords Everywhere, we determined against this, as it’d have delivered too much uncertainty because of the manner these gear clean their consequences through the years (in a different way relative to Google Trends). Regardless, we completely believe Correia et al. That undertaking similar studies, combining a couple of sources of information, and incorporating all available culturomics tools are wished. We welcome the status quo of the Conservation Culturomics working institution inside the Society for Conservation Biology. Far extra information is required on public conservation interest and how to leverage it to save you further species’ extinctions and halt climate change.

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